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More Meat™




Cook Time

30 mins

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More Meat™ Unseasoned

200 g - More Meat™ Unseasoned
70 g - Onion, sweat
15 g - Garlic, sweat
2 g - Cumin powder
2 g - Salt
1 g - Ground pepper
1 g - Smoked paprika
3 g - Fresh rosemary, finely chopped
30 g - Olive oil



Step 1

40 g - Apple cider vinegar
15 g - Soy sauce
10 g - Brown sugar
7 g - Dijon mustard
1 g - Garlic powder
1 g - Onion powder
3 g - All spiced powder
1 g - Ground ginger



Step 2


Saute your onions and garlic then leave to cool down. Add More Meat™ to a mixing bowl. Add cumin, rosemary, paprika, pepper, salt and knead until fully combined with More Meat™.
Add the sauteed onions and garlic then knead until fully combined. Mold the mixture into 100g patties and rest them aside. On medium heat add olive oil to the skillet. Grill the More Meat™ patties until they start to brown.
Place the patties on your serving plate drizzle sauce, and decorate with vegetables or side dishes. Ready to serve!

Instruction (Sauce):

Add all the ingredients from "Step 1" into a large mixing bowl. Fully combined all the ingredients or until sugar is fully dissolved. Mix "Step 1", with "Step 2". When mixed well the sauce is ready to use and can kept refrigerated for 7-10 days.

Where to buy More Meat™

50 g - Sauce (Step 1)
100 g - Ketchup
20 g - Maple Syrup
7 g - Dark Soy sauce
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