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Stuffed Lotus Root



Cook Time

20 mins

Lotus fried.JPG



More Meat™ Unseasoned

200 g - More Meat™ Unseasoned
7-8 pieces - Lotus Roots
50 g - Sweet Corn
3 g - Ginger, minced
7 g - Japanese Soy sauce
7 g - Sesame oil
2 g - Black pepper, ground
10 g - Coriander root, garlic, pepper (minced)
1 g - Salt
5 g - Sugar
*Potato flour (dusting)


Prepare More Meat™ in a mixing bowl. Add sweet corn, ginger, coriander root, garlic, pepper and mix well.
Season with Japanese cooking sauce, sesame oil, salt, pepper and sugar, knead to combine. Mold the mixture into a ball and place each on top of a lotus root.
Sprinkle potato flour over the prepared stuffed lotus roots and fry them until golden brown. (Optional: For better adhesion dip the lotus roots in egg) Serve hot!

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